The Logo Design Process

There's a lot of thought that goes into the creation of a logo. Not only does it need to convey the brand but also quickly tell a visual story. Many logos are clever, using a play with imagery and text or making the most out of negative space. Other logos are more straight-forward. Each design depends on what the client is looking for. No matter what the design ends up being, it all starts with a humble beginning on paper.


I've done countless logos throughout my career. I often like to start really creative and have my client guide the process but some clients know exactly what they want and just need someone to make their vision a reality. The Indigenous and Barefoot Belle logos I worked on are perfect examples of this. My client, Lauren, had a boutique that catered towards festival fashion. She wanted her business to be similar to the brand Free People and already knew what she wanted her logo to look like. I got a sketch of a dreamcatcher and was to use this as my starting point.

Sketching a dreamcatcher is no easy feat and making a digital version isn't either. The amount of detail required for this project made it one of the most complicated logos I've ever put together. While I had her sketch as a foundation, I had to add details to fill in parts of the drawing that weren't fully developed. After everything was completely designed in Adobe Illustrator, I pulled the dreamcatcher into Photoshop and hand-painted each area with various watercolor brushes.

The result was a completely custom piece that the client loved but as time went by, Lauren felt the need to rebrand herself. She knew that she still wanted to have a dreamcatcher but this time it needed to be different. We found an example she liked and started creating our own version. Once again, there was a lot of detail involved, sketching out each ribbon and bead. The end result was something she was thrilled with and it made all of the work worth it.

It's always fun to see a project go from a simple sketch to a finished, digital piece. It allows for the brand to have something special and custom. To see more of my logo design, visit the Identity page of my portfolio.