Digital Illustration

Mixed media has made a resurgence into the digital landscape allowing traditional artwork to become more frequently highlighted in various mediums including online, ad campaigns and more. Graphic artists are reaching beyond the bounds of traditional applications like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to integrate all forms of creativity into their work.


I've really enjoyed taking more freedom in artistic expression with the growing trend and overall acceptance of mixed media in design. While I often sketch design work before transferring it online, I haven't often played with other options like watercolor until recently.

While a large part of design is often recreating techniques such as brush strokes in a much sharper and crisper approach with online applications, there's nothing better than an authentic touch. My first experiment with actual watercolor was this fall. I had asked for a kit during my birthday and was given a nice palette of colors and pens to emphasize line drawings. We were putting together a tour where families could enjoy various pumpkin patches throughout the local Austin area. Since fall has a warm feeling with it, I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to try a new technique.

I started by sketching out a scene and then painted over it multiple times with various watercolor paints. Once, finished, I drew over certain lines with ink and waited for it all to dry. I then scanned the image into Photoshop and further enhanced the artwork.

I really loved how the final piece came out. It's unique and gives off a feeling of comfort. I'm looking forward to trying other mediums in the future for new projects that come my way.