Custom Font Building

There are so many fonts in the world to choose from that many times, it's not difficult to find something that defines a brand. However, custom means there's no room for duplication and creates a unique experience with a specific brand.

There's a definitely a trend of custom signatures that reflect the actual hand-writing of various speakers and influencers. Amy Mills is one entrepreneur that wanted her personal signature to be incorporated into her logo.


To get started, I had Amy sign her name. I was able to scan it and pull it into Adobe Illustrator. While I could have simply traced it, I wanted to give her some various options so that she could decide if she wanted something extra added to her signature.


After deciding on the perfect shape, I played with various line widths until we both found something we loved. She had decided she wanted thin lines with tall letters. Now Amy's signature has become a crucial part of her overall brand and can be seen in various places across her promotional items.

It's always such an exciting experience to see something so unique to a particular person become a part of their brand and custom fonts are a great way to do that!