Jillian Hailey Pedersen

Since I can remember I've surrounded myself with creativity. At a young age I was fascinated by stories of adventure and Greek Mythology. That hasn't really stopped. I still enjoy the Harry Potter series from cover to cover and can't resist a good true crime podcast. Stories are powerful. They inspire, they teach and they are the reason I enjoy the marketing industry so much.

In college, I couldn't wait to get my hands dirty with a real job. When I found out the local news station was hiring, I jumped at the chance to secure the position. I worked weekends at the KCEN studios editing reporter's packages, running the teleprompter during the newscast and sharing the biggest stories on social media. It was a fast-paced, deadline driven environment that I seemed to adapt to pretty quickly. It was the perfect way to prepare me for the next jobs that would come along my way.

After my husband graduated, he got a job in Austin, Texas. We moved there from our quiet college town and I began hunting for my own career. The problem was, this was all during the recession. There wasn't much out there and the competition was fierce. Luckily, I met a woman who took a chance on me. She was starting a Public Relations agency and I became her first employee. I learned copywriting, social media management, influencer marketing and so much more under her leadership. Over time I would find myself honing those skills and freelanced for some great businesses including Dell, AMD and Samsung.

My most recent career has been with a local radio station here in Austin. I've gotten to add event planning to my list and have helped coordinate Central Texas' Largest Family Festival for many years. I've had a good run there and have learned a lot.

I'm ready to take on my next adventure and see where it takes me. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask on my Contact Page. I'd love to connect.


Did I Mention I'm a Blogger?

I enjoy writing when I get the chance. Aside from my own personal blog, Thighs and Lows Blog, focused on the plus size community, One of my passions is encouraging other moms. There is such strength in community and All Mom Does is one way I get to contribute.